Preventive maintenance is essential to extend the useful life of a microscope and avoid major repairs and downtime.

Our services are rendered on your premises or in Lloyd Service Centre.

Our technicians who are highly trained can restore most microscopes to its original factory condition*. Calibrating, testing, and inspecting of each microscope is done to ensure maximum mechanical and optical performance.

All items repaired are warranted for 30 days upon completion of job**

Our services include

  • Disassemble; clean, degrease, lubricate, and reset moving parts to factory specifications.
  • Remove, clean, check and par-focal all optics.
  • Clean interior prisms and inspect for proper alignment.
  • Remove, clean and align sub-stage condenser (if required).
  • Test and set electrical system to specifications.
  • Performance Check focusing mechanisms.
  • Check illuminator systems, adjustment of light source and replace bulbs. (if required)
  • Reassemble and individually test each microscope with a slide under all objectives.

Upon completion of servicing, an inspection report and service sticker will be issued to every individual microscope.

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*Subjected to the condition of the microscopes **Excludes disposables such as bulbs/fuses/etc ***Broken or missing parts would be quoted on an individual basis